Dr. Karen Felix-Neal has watched with growing concern the rise in overt white nationalism, justification of police brutality, divisive racial rhetoric, deliberate stoking of anger and fear toward the “other,” not just in the political arena but within the church she loves. Like the Watchman of Ezekiel 33, Dr. Felix-Neal feels compelled to sound the clarion alarm laid on her heart by the Holy Spirit as to a spirit of hypocrisy within white evangelicalism in areas of social justice and race relations.



Speaking in Love, Dr. Felix the Watchman lays  out the reality of social, legal, and economic inequality faced daily by black and other minority Americans.


The brutal history of post-slavery social injustice in and out of the church. The well-documented contributing role played—intentionally or not—by white evangelicalism.


She examines what the Holy Scriptures command us to do and admonishes us to recognize all of God’s children as a family – black, brown, white, yellow, etc.

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Dr. Karen T. Felix-Neal is co-founder and co-pastor with her husband Dr. Rev. Gaylord Neal of A Higher Dimension Church, “a church without walls” which teaches and preaches God’s Word seven days a week. Ministry focus is on spiritual leadership, discipleship, prayer, and Bible reading. Felix holds a PhD in Christian Organizational Leadership and is a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and business development consultant.

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“I am convinced after receiving and interpreting dreams from God over the last 30 years, that God has been showing me the future.  It all became clear after seeing one after another come to pass.  For a time, I was scared to share what God was showing me because it was a lot of bad news.  I am now of the belief that it is my responsibility to share with others no matter how bad the dreams are because it may give people a chance to repent, pray and humble themselves before God. And if they do that, God will heal their land, family, community, and or nation.  He is a loving God and does not wish that any should perish, but wants every one of his children to join him in eternal living.”  – Dr. Karen Felix-Neal, The Watchman

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